Truffle is an exclusive and luxurious ingredient used in many gourmet products such as oils, cheeses, chocolates and sauces. The sale of truffle products has increased in popularity in recent years due to the growing demand for high quality ingredients and the gourmet food trend.

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Black truffle

The black truffle is a variety of subway fungus highly valued in gastronomy for its intense and unique flavor and aroma. Native to Europe, it is found in wooded areas and is used in the preparation of a wide variety of dishes, especially in gourmet cuisine. The black truffle is an authentic delicacy for the most demanding palates.

White truffle

The white truffle is a type of mushroom highly appreciated in gastronomy for its subtle and exquisite aroma and flavor. Originally from Italy, it is found mainly in the Piedmont region. It is highly valued in haute cuisine and is used in gourmet dishes such as pastas, rice dishes and meats. The white truffle is considered a true culinary treasure.

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Aceite con trufa - 25€

Salsa con trufa negra - 20€

Trufa fresca de Verano

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